New Year, Same Sh*t?

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Sorry, for the harsh title, but it is the truth, right? January is here. The first month of the year and filled with new year resolutions and aspirations for us all. Each January we anticipate finally meeting the fruit of our labor and dreams. However, if you had a 2018 like mine I know you’re still trying to figure out how in the hell can you make sure it happens this year. Per usual bills, family, and horrible bosses got the best of me and I was completely stressed out in December. Even though I was happy to be surrounded by family and good times during the holidays, when I went home alone – the same ol’ sh*t found me again.

 No matter what your resolution is this year, it will take more than a wish – it needs hard work and dedication to make it happen. All of the sh*t we are battling with will not end in January, but it can in a year - if we start to fight for it now. And, even though we are all fighting different goals we can start achieving those goals in similar ways. Primarily by starting your day off right. Here are three tips.



 You should always start your day off on a good note. No matter how you ended yesterday, let that sh*t go and start the next day on a good note. This could literally mean with a good note. Write yourself something positive to wake up and read each morning. Eat breakfast, read a book or even exercise to help strengthen your mind, body and soul. Do not underestimate the power of your mind. If you set your mind to ensure that you have good mornings, you will have a new beginning every day and 365 chances to reach that goal before next year.

 Fashion may be considered a luxury to most people, but it should be a necessity. Dressing up in fashion that you admire is a form of self-care. A great outfit will boost your confidence and change the way you enter any atmosphere. Bring the energy you want to receive by presenting yourself in good- looking clothes. I’m not saying go spend your savings on designer jeans. Hell no, remember we have goals to reach. There are plenty of affordable fashion options available. Also, when you wear the clothes make sure they fit correctly. Wear the right size, favorable colors to your complexion, iron, wear belts, etc – do what’s necessary to look good before you leave out your house.   


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 Beauty and grooming fall right in line with fashion. Appearance is everything. Think about how you feel approaching someone with broken finger nails, compared to when your nails are freshly manicured the same color and size. Also, remember skin care. Take care of your skin with proper cleaning and dieting. This year start waxing instead of using a razor (especially on facial hair) to protect your skin and reduce the risk of damage.

 Proper grooming with the assistance of good clothes and morning motivation will give you the daily tools needed to make every day your best. This year those important meetings will be a breeze and confidence with overflow. Your 2019 aura will gravitate only the energy you want towards you. Hang in there the same ol sh*t will not last this year. Make it a routine to visit your manicurist, esthetician, affordable clothing boutiques and motivate yourself. Reach every goal you’ve set this year. I’ll check back in with you, good luck!




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