Don't Compare Yourself to a Stranger

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Today, remind yourself to not compare yourself to a stranger. I know how difficult it can be to stay pure in optimism and not question your journey. It's damn near impossible. However, it is possible and we should all be striving for that mindset daily.

It's easy to begin comparing and complaining, as we gaze from the side-line and watch our dreams being lived out by other people. We see it daily on social media and television. I'll admit sometimes I wonder why other people were chosen and not me. I'm working hard everyday too, when will I be able to receive what they have? So I start to compare my life to theirs searching for what went wrong. 

Have you ever wanted to trade lives with someone? 

Comparing your life to other people can quickly get out of hand. And what I've learned about comparing to strangers, is that it will always lead to an empty heart. Constant comparing will eventually exhaust all appreciation and love for your own life. You may be "livin" but not alive without a full heart. 


(This picture features The Knitted Maxi, and Careless Poncho

So today, stop comparing your wins and stop comparing your losses to other people. Understand that comparing will not solve your problems, it will only make them worse. Patience and unconditional love for yourself will carry you through until your time arrives. Know your worth, and never lose faith in yourself! 

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